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Eek. I didn't have band today, so I was happy (even though I've got band tomorrow). Basically, no band = more me time, which is really fun, because I can do whatever I want to do, and put off homework until night. Ugh. Except that I've got homework crap to do, like English. GAH. I hate the novel that we're studying right now, because I can't analyze anything to save myself. The only thing that I can do that is noteworthy in English is writing essays. Not stories, essays.

UM. So today, nothing out of the ordinary happened, so I don't really think I need to give you guys an account of what happened. How ridiculous is that? My first three classes were boring, as usual. Japanese is a fun class though; now we know all the hiragana. I think we either learn katakana next semester, or in the next school year. But we learn it, eventually. I'll probably end up teaching it to myself.

ACK. I just realized that I have to make hiragana flashcards. Hmm... I'll have to go do that... what a waste of index cards. Honestly. But since it's going to be graded, I really don't have a choice in preference. XD. Anyways, I shall resume reading my... stuff.

I have to write a short story in English, and despite the fact that I just said that my writing skills were crap, I still think that I would have lots of fun writing it. Hopefully I'll be proud of my story/plotline. I'll probably post it up here, so you guys can evaluate it and tell me if there's anything that I should change or not. Uh... it might be a bit boring as well, since I don't think lots of dialogue is very english teacher-friendly. :(.

Come to think of it, I was thinking up the plot while I was taking a shower last night, but I kept on changing the little details, so the plot is pretty vague. However, I DO know that I want to have a male protagonist because... let's just face it: Male protagonists are cool. I'm afriad that I'll make the male character too girly, so I bet I'll have lots of rewriting to do. Maybe I should base him off of Xander. XD. I also didn't want a Female protagonist because I'd either probably: 1. Mary-Sue her a little bit, 2. Base her off of a friend, or 3. Come up with a ridiculously sappy plot, which would make me feel like... throw up. Haha.

Hm... I kind of want to make someone die in the story, but maybe I'll just create some teenage angst instead. Angst. Haha. Or maybe I'll try to write something that will make people cry. My English teacher isn't an evil constipated bitch, so I bet that she could cry if she read a story like that. Tee Hee.

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